I believe art is a sensation.

Hence, writing about art should be sensible, tactile, intuitive, not cerebral. 

Through my writing I want readers to sense the art work, smell the canvas, wander around in the soul of an artist. 

A deep understanding of the creative process and a carefully selected palette of words are my preferred tools to take the reader on this journey.


I offer finely crafted texts for artists, art galleries, museums and collectors. You can hire me for:

  • a comprehensive text about your work for an exhibition, catalog or subsidy application

  • artist statements and project descriptions

  • appealing website content

  • a written guide to your exhibition or art festival

  • accompanying texts on exhibited art works

  • in-depth research concerning your art projects

  • translation from Dutch to English (and vice versa)


  • You want advice on how to approach the press? 

  • You need a persuasive press release?

  • You know that social media is crucial to your success today, but you don't know how to start?

  • You want us to deal with that for you so that you can stay focused on your art projects?

  • You need someone to filter and answer your email communication?

Please contact me here for information about rates and services.

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